Overview of the Duxes Finance Series

In 2017, Duxes launched an event series dedicated to the rapidly-evolving finance sector, highlighting how Fintech has revolutionized traditional finance models, both within China and around the world. Our early summits have been well-received by attendees, featuring participation from leading financial and technology companies, and coverage of a broad range of important topics. As Chinese consumers and technology platforms help lead the way into a new era of digital finance, Duxes is positioned to assist in the broader adoption of new finance models around the world, and facilitate the exchange of knowledge across the industry. In January 2019, Duxes will hold its first event dedicated to the innovative payment market in Asia, shedding light on new models for mobile payment, cross-border payment, e-wallets, aggregate payments, and payment security.
4th China International Insurance Asset Management & Investment Summit 2020


Duxes will host the 4th China International Insurance Asset Management & Investment Summit in Shanghai from May 21-22, 2020. The summit will provide an outstanding platform for participants to learn about the latest policies, development trends and data of China's insurance asset management industry.

Payment Asia Summit 2019


Payment Asia Summit in Shenzhen 2019 will gather policymakers, analysts, and industry leaders to discuss regulatory conditions, R&D innovation, payment supply chains, and marketing and business development strategies for payment in the Asia-Pacific region. It will provide a platform for attendees to share firsthand experiences and high-level knowledge, as well as network with industry peers from around the world.

InsurTech Asia Summit 2019


In the wake of this promising news, and a decade of successful events, this summit will once again serve as a platform for professionals to get up to speed with the latest developments in the Chinese insurance industry. Speakers from government authorities and leading insurers, will examine the insurance market in China, sharing firsthand experiences and insights. Their testimony will assist attendees in navigating ever-changing insurance markets in China.