Background & Purpose

From Tmall's proposal to become the main position for global brand digital transformation and upgrading Tencent has expressed its desire to become a "digital assistant" for all walks of life helping digital industries to achieve digital transformation and upgrading. The mainstream Internet platform is committed to providing a basis for brand digital transformation. Facilities, the hidden digital transformation force is gradually emerging, not only in the short-term marketing of Campaign's full-link service, but also its long-term significance is to make the brand change the traditional "being the brain" decision-making habit, to be more scientific and faster. Understanding consumers and transforming enterprises from extensive experience to refined management lies in the communication of each ring of consumer contact. This is the essence of brand digital transformation and the future trend. It truly reconstructs the brand and consumers. communication. Therefore, we believe that embracing the platform in 2020 will be an important step in the digital transformation of the brand.

In order to meet the rapid development of the industry, the need for timely information, and to improve the quality of industrial development, Duxes Shanghai will hold the DMER(China Digital Marketing Summit 2020) and Industry Awards Ceremony in Guangzhou on June 4th, 2020. The mission of the awards is to recognize the outstanding contribution of enterprises toward the growth and innovation of digital marketing sectors.

In order to ensure fairness and transparency, the jury for the awards will consist of a group of experts, media representatives and observers. The official ceremony will involve the active participation of forward-looking media and industry leaders to expand brand awareness and the reputation of award-winning enterprises, and to promote healthy industry development.

Opportunity & Potential

Gathering of Industry Leaders

Platform with nearly a decade of engagement and support for the industry, including the pooling of knowledge and experience from leaders in the field.

Unique Opportunity to Identify and Target Potential Customers

Diverse range of delegates from around the world, focus on the Chinese market, Participants will from FMCG enterprises, retail industry, e-commerce platform, luxury industry, food and automobile industry etc.

Exposure from Influential Media

Awards ceremony reports, onsite interviews and prominent press and media

coverage across all major platforms (100+ online media platforms and mainstream video platforms). An interactive industry exchange gala event to award outstanding role models in digital marketing industry.

This evaluation and award will become your most ideal promotion platform. Bring your products and technology, bring your proud team, participate in the award evaluation, increase exposure, win the honor, occupy the market! The magnesium lamp is in place, just waiting for you!

Type of Award

  Creative excellence award in digital marketing of the year

  Outstanding big data marketing award of the year

  Quality content marketing award of the year

  Excellence We media award of the year

  Advanced digital marketing platform award of the year

  Innovative digital marketing award of the year

  Outstanding new marketing product award of the year

  Outstanding digital marketing technology solution provider award of the year

  Pioneer integrated marketing award of the year

  Product marketing innovation award of the year










Home appliances

Bathroom accessories







Companies that satisfy some or all the requirements as outlined below

Performance Growth/Growth Potential:
Experienced rapid annual growth or have enormous growth potential

Responsible for significant innovative products or services

Strategic Planning:
Forward-looking and strategic vision for satisfying the market and consumer demands

Brand Value:
Recognized by industry peers and customers

Industry Impact:
Outstanding achievements that have assisted in the development of the industries

Awards and Judging Process

Entry & Submission

Candidate enterprises should register by sending an email to Dominic Wang ( indicating the category of the award that they wish to apply for.
Candidate enterprises are required to send all requested materials to the organizer within two weeks of submission.

Professional & Media Panel Selection

The submission deadline is May 1st, 2020
The organizing committee will consist of experts from the skincare and cosmetics industry(weighted 60%) and media representatives (weighted 30%). They will vote on candidates from May 1-10, 2020.

Popular Vote

A public vote (weighted 10%) will be conducted from May 11-25, 2020.
Voting channels include:
Official website:

Awards Ceremony

The organizing committee will select winners according to the results of the public vote and expert/media panels. The winners will be finally announced at the awards ceremony on June 4th. The event website will simultaneously update the list of awardees.

Media Packages for the DMER “Digital Marketing creates future”
Industry Award Ceremony & Banquet 2020

Junior Level

Social Media Platform Voting Program (WeChat, Weibo, Official website, Toutiao, Baijiahao) – enhance the award-winning brand' s awareness and reputation

One exhibition space for the award-winning product, including physical display shelf –the product becomes the medium to increase interactive opportunities with guests

Live photo broadcast (live photos from the award ceremony will be instantly published on the official WeChat mini program, and will be available for immediate download)

Awarding-winning company's name, product and service will be mentioned in news releases on all media platforms (over 100 online media platforms)

List of Affiliated Media (partial)

Senior Level

* Includes all the rights and benefits of the junior-level media package, increasing the accuracy of publicity and expanding brand awareness, as well as:

Front page headlines and slideshow on the home page in the Duxes XEvents app (for30 days)

Exclusive interview and publication with authorized media: Tencent News, ifeng, Sina, Sohu. Professional videographers from Yuku will shoot, cut, edit and publish the entire interview video on Youku (Tencent video,, Sina, iqiyi synchronous publicity