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  • CIFA
    The CIFA Foundation was created at the initiative of a group of financial entrepreneurs to face the increasing number of regulations and the growing complexity of markets. Its mission is to strengthen the role of independent financial advisors (IFAs) at the international level in order to better defend the interests of investors. CIFA has chosen Geneva, one of the world capitals of wealth management and headquarters of many international organisations, to establish its permanent organisation.

  • Singapore FinTech Association (SFA)
    SFA is a cross-industry and non-profit organization the purpose of which is to support the development of the
    FinTech industry in Singapore, and to facilitate collaboration among the participants and stakeholders of the
    FinTech ecosystem in Singapore. SFA is a member-based organization with its members representing the full
    range of stakeholders in the FinTech industry from early stage innovative companies to large financial players
    and service providers. To further its aim of developing the FinTech industry in Singapore, SFA also partners with institutions and other associations from Singapore and globally to cooperate on initiatives relating to the FinTech industry.

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