• ExportHub
    ExportHub is an international B2B marketplace brand formed by a group of B2b & Internet marketing experts, who have spent their lifetime in pursuit of technology projects. People at ExportHub have prior internet marketing experience and are thorough with industry related knowledge.
    Combining our strong B2B experience, technology expertise and profound knowledge of current industry trends, ExportHub offers innovative solutions to your business problems.
    Unlike other B2B’s, ExportHub offers guaranteed result oriented services that differentiate us from the other B2B & Internet marketing industry. Over the last decade, ways to do business has changed multi-folds. To unleash your maximum business potential, we offer high-tech B2B and full-scale digital services.

  • IBW
    Interfax为一家总部位于俄罗斯的国际新闻通讯社,致力于为全球新兴市场提供及时、深度、精准的新闻报道。Interfax新闻集团旗下除了新闻采编,还有行业研究、企业征信、金融工具和企业公关等30多个独立子公司;Business Wire是总部位于美国的全球最大的新闻稿发布商,为企业和机构提供覆盖面最广泛的发布平台,将企业资讯在第一时间传递给受众; Interfax Business Wire Services(www.businesswirechina.com, 简称 IBW)是双方在中国大陆的运作团队(隶属于Interfax)。通过两者实力的结合,为中国公司提供一站式的公关和媒体服务;

  • 10 Times
    10Times is a B2B event discovery and networking platform.
    Our goal is to improve an event-goers experience pre, during and post event, while solving critical pain-points for organizers.

  • Private Banking
    The PRIVATEBANKING.COM wealth industry directory is the financial-industry leading online business development and networking platform focused on Wealth Management and Financial Services.
    The platform offers effective marketing services and tools designed to achieve high brand recognition, broad visibility and reach to your products and services.
    Privatebanking.com FINANCE LOUNGE business network is a vibrant and fast growing online community designed to help financial markets professionals to build network, increase visibility and identify and stay in touch with relevant industry experts and customers alike.
    We invite you to join the FINANCE LOUNGE and gain access to business insights and new connections across the globe: Please register at: http://www.privatebanking.com/

  • Asia Briefing
    Established in 1999, Asia Briefing Ltd. is dedicated to providing individuals and enterprises with the latest business and regulatory news as well as expert commentary relating to conducting business in emerging Asia. The publishing house is a fully-owned subsidiary of Dezan Shira & Associates - a specialty foreign direct investment consulting firm with offices in China, Hong Kong, India, Vietnam and Singapore, alliances in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand, as well as liaison offices in Italy, Germany and the United States. Knowledge, expertise and commentary are regularly contributed by Dezan Shira & Associates´ professional legal and tax staff.

  • Regulation Asia
    Regulation Asia tracks and analyses financial regulation across Asia, providing a regulatory intelligence platform to keep readers informed on the changes and their impacts. Since November 2013, our audience and subscription base have grown to include key regulatory bodies, exchanges, banks, asset managers, law firms, technology vendors and consultants. Through our research, reporting, featured content and events, we play a key role in the regulatory agenda.

  • The Nilson Report
    The Nilson Report is the most respected provider of news and information about the global card and mobile payment industry. Available worldwide by subscription only, The Nilson Report directly surveys more than 2,000 financial institutions and enterprises to produce statistics about issuers, acquirers, and technology providers not available from any other source. Issues also include informative feature articles, concise updates about new products and services, and information about executive appointments. Articles are never written by vendors. The Nilson Report does not accept paid advertising of any kind. There is never promotion of sponsored content such as webinars or white papers.
    Download a free sample issue at https://www.nilsonreport.com/freesample.

  • BNT
    Bitnewstoday.com is an international media company providing daily news from the world of cryptocurrency. We publish the articles for readers interested in bitcoin, blockchain, mining, cryptocurrency investing and deliver market analytics for professionals. We cover the most important events and problems, the recent legislative changes and cryptocurrency regulation.
    Our goals:
    • to provide a full range of information on how cryptocurrency functions
    • to keep you updated with the latest news
    • to make forecasts and find the trends
    • to deliver training materials

  • The Strawhecker Group
    The Strawhecker Group (TSG) is a fast-growing analytics and consulting firm focused on the electronic payments industry. The company serves the entire payments ecosystem, from fintech startups to Fortune 500 companies. The firm provides its clients with advisory services, research and analytics to help them plan and execute their strategic initiatives. Based in Omaha, a recognized payments industry hub, TSG is an established leader in this high-growth, ever-evolving space.
    For more information please visit www.TheStrawGroup.com.

  • Mercator Advisory Group
    Mercator Advisory Group is the leading independent research and advisory services firm exclusively focused on the payments and banking industries. We deliver pragmatic and timely research and advice designed to help our clients uncover the most lucrative opportunities to maximize revenue growth and contain costs. Our clients range from the world's largest payment issuers, acquirers, processors, merchants and associations to leading technology providers and investors. We also publish the online payments and banking news and information portal, PaymentsJournal.com.

  • World Finance Informs
    World Finance Informs is a leading B2B information centric website providing latest up to date information and happenings within the industry. The website updates the latest news and developments in the Finance sector. World Finance Informs runs with an objective to provide a one-stop knowledge driven content to our reader and subscribers in various forms of news, projects, upcoming events etc.

  • Emerging Payments Association
    The Emerging Payments Association (EPA), established in 2008, connects the payments ecosystem, encourages innovation and drives profitable business growth for payments companies. Its goals are to strengthen and expand the payments industry to the benefit of all stakeholders.
    It achieves this by delivering a comprehensive programme of activities for members with help from an independent Advisory Board, which addresses key issues impacting the industry.
    The EPA has over 130 members and is growing at 30% annually. Its members come from across the payments value chain; including payments schemes, banks and issuers, merchant acquirers, PSPs, retailers, and more. These companies have come together, from across the UK and internationally, to join our association, collaborate, and speak with a unified voice.

  • 中国电子银行网

  • 支付之家网

  • WeiyangX
    WeiyangX is a leading FinTech portal launched by Fintech Lab of Tsinghua PBCSF. Facilitated by the school’s profound academic background and financial insight, WeiyangX provides the latest fintech news, professional fintech data analysis and in-depth fintech innovation cases. WeiyangX aims to promote the integration of finance and technology.

  • 中国支付网

  • 亿邦动力
    亿邦动力是目前国内最具影响力的电商知识平台,立足电商,覆盖了2000余万国内外电商经理人,在零售、大宗、农业、跨境、大健康、汽车、电商服务、国际电商等诸多重点电商领域与方向上建立了广泛的影响力。 亿邦动力向全行业提供包括电商媒体、电商会展、电商服务对接、线上线下电商培训、电商数据交易等在内的全产业链知识服务。

  • FX168财经集团
    FX168财经集团(FX168 Finance Group)是以大中华区的上海、北京、深圳、澳门、香港为运营基地,提供24H专业全球财经、金融数据、投资教育培训等综合服务的知名供应商。我们的业务涉及全球35个主要投资市场,拥有上千家机构合作伙伴,服务面向中国2亿投资者及全世界5000多万华人。

  • 雷锋网

  • 大数据周刊

  • 野马财经
    野马财经运营多个财经金融类微信公众号矩阵,入驻今日头条、一点资讯 、腾讯新闻、网易新闻、搜狐新闻、凤凰新闻等多个新闻客户端,同时在百家号、界面、新浪意见领袖等多个媒体平台设立野马财经专栏,并在雪球,同花顺、金融界等平台设立频道,扩大内容分发渠道;同时制作多档音频及视频栏目,在互联网及线下多渠道分发。

  • 每日金融
    《每日金融》, Daily Financial。创建于2014年,用全球化视野、融媒体思维、跨平台理念,打造新时代创新媒体品牌矩阵,构建产媒融合新生态。《每日金融》不仅是聚焦金融科技的优质内容网络传播渠道,更整合了众多行业媒体机构生产的内容,向受众提供含图文音视频的综合新闻资讯、深度报道、观点评论、人物专访、财经产品、科技应用、分享社区等服务。满足主流人群浏览、表达、交流、分享、娱乐、理财等多元化与个性化的诉求。

  • 创客猫