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Google Pay Users in UK Can Purchase Movie Tickets Online

2018-12-29 10:45 Saturday

To take advantage of the lucrative holiday season, Google added nearly thirty new banks and credit unions in the U.S. to its Google Pay mobile payment service in December 2018. According to changes to the relevant Google Support page, Google has been busy working to get another 29 banks and credit unions on board with their Google Pay service in just the first week of December.

Google Pay has also extended its service and reach in Europe, with a particular emphasis on the UK market. As part of its collaboration with theater operator Vue Entertainment and customer engagement company Urban Airship, Google Pay has initiated movie ticket sales in the UK, allowing movie-goers to add film tickets to their Google Pay wallet, thereby skipping the box office lines at more than 30 locations.

Google Pay

Dan Green, head of digital at Vue, believes that offering movie tickets through Google Pay is part of the theater operator's larger efforts to personalize its services and attract mobile wallet users. With the entry of Google Pay, moviegoers can receive a scannable code on their phone after paying for the ticket; users don't need to download any other apps to use the service. The new service frees customers from waiting in line to buy tickets or exchanging printed email confirmations for paper tickets, a process that wastes both paper and time.

Green started building's Vue's website three years ago in order to personalize the movie going experience. "Your propensity to watch a particular film based on specific criteria and data collected from the web site becomes accustomed to target advertisements and promotions. And such behavioral experiences also help infer the types of movies the consumer will want to watch", he said.

"We are dedicated to offering the ultimate in big screen entertainment to our customers. We know that more and more customers are using mobile wallets and we always move quickly to adopt technology that will improve customer experience." Green further noted. "Our commitment to launching broad distribution for Google Pay movie tickets is a great example of understanding customer behavior and reacting quickly to give them what they want. It will also enable us to offer enhanced personalization which we know customers value."

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