InsurTech Asia Summit 2019 to Explore Future Innovation, Emerging Trends across Asia

Duxes Information & Technology is pleased to announce that the inaugural InsurTech Asia Summit 2019 will take place this year from November 14-15 in Singapore, offering industry professionals from around globe the opportunity to gain valuable insights into this exciting, fast-changing sector of the insurance market.

The introduction of the new summit is a reflection of how the prominence of big data, AI, Internet of Things, biotechnology and mobile-first communications are all re-shaping and revolutionizing the business of insurance today. It has been developed in response to a strong demand to learn more, analyze the benefits and potential uses of InsurTech, and share perspectives on future trends.

With the global InsurTech market revenue valued at $532.7 million last year, this area is expected to reach $1.12 billion by 2023. It is already changing the entire value chain of the insurance industry and, according to researchers, the greatest impact will be on the following insurance processes: marketing and channels, claims, product design, underwriting, customer service and pricing.

2019 is a crucial year for the development of InsurTech, and as such it is worthy of close attention from the insurance industry. More and more insurance companies are stepping up their efforts in investment and cooperation in this field and are committed to developing a new generation of insurance products.

Over the course of two days, the summit will analyze key InsurTech markets throughout the region, including in China, Southeast Asia, and India, with an emphasis on government policies and prospects for future growth. Additional content will break down life-, health, auto, and trade credit insurance sectors, and improvements to efficiency, optimizing operations and serving customers.

In hosting InsurTech Asia Summit 2019, Duxes hopes to contribute to the continued growth of the insurance industry in Asia, by facilitating cooperation and high-level exchanges of knowledge. Professionals working in the insurance industry, and in related fields, are invited to attend.

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